Job description

To develop every activity regarding the generation of new plant cell lines and genetically modified plant organisms for the production of therapeutic proteins. To carry out these tasks, he/she will manage the corresponding formation of the team, as well as the documentation of all reports related to the process, in compliance with the GMP guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.

Main tasks and requirements of the position

  • To perform, manage and lead all activities related to the obtention of therapeutic products using plant cell lines.
  • Expertise in molecular-, cellular- and plant cell biology:
    • Cell culture of plant eukaryotic- and prokaryotic cells
    • Transient- and stable transformation of plant cell lines and systems
    • Protein electrophoresis: SDS-PAGE, 2D, Western-blot.
    • Protein quantification: ELISA, Bradford.
    • Fluorescence microscopy
    • PCR and qPCR
    • Gel documentation
    • Sonication
  • Expertise in developing potency-, and affinity assays
  • Expertise in flow cytometry
  • Expertise in extraction and purification of plant proteins with FPLC techniques, using different chromatography columns (affinity, ionic exchange, exclusion, etc)
  • Expertise in working under sterile conditions.
  • To provide technical support to manage day-by-day incidences in the production and extraction of proteins from plant cell systems.
  • Data management and update. To write SOPs in compliance with GMP guidelines.
  • To ensure appropriate team training in GMP´s, ISO and SOP´s and to report adequate product documentation according to the established deadlines and quality standard.
  • To properly deliver the required material in compliance with fixed costs, deadlines, and quality standard.
  • To facilitate a safe working environment, supporting the corresponding audits by the H&S department.
  • Communication skills
  • English knowledge is very valuable.
  • Computer skills

Required academic formation

B. Sc. or PhD either in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, or Veterinary. Good English knowledge (written and spoken) is crucial.

Laboratory Assistant

The position is available at the laboratories of Agroaxis. The candidate has to suitable to be working under the covertures of the Inncorpora Program, supported by the Spanish Science Minister.

We offer a standard work contract, challenging scientific job position and educational program.


We are seeking for a highly motivated candidate, who holds a title or diploma in Técnico Superior en Formación Profesional or equivalent (Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior; Módulo Profesional de Nivel 3; Formación Profesional de Segundo Grado).

The successful candidate will be an energetic, hard-working, self-motivated individual, and work or academic demonstrable experience (one month at least).

Candidates should have:

  • An interest in working on directed research with industrial applications

  • Excellent laboratory skills

  • Ability to work closely with colleagues in a team environment

More on Agroaxis

The advances in molecular biology and more particularly recombinant DNA technology has allowed nutritionally valuable products, healthcare and industry , can be produced in large quantities at low cost and with increased biosafety.
The idea of using plant systems for the production of recombinant proteins has ceased to be a challenge to become a reality and alternative for the biopharmaceutical industry.

AGROAXIS decided to use and adapt the System NGS® to all their technology platforms to respond to the growing need of a new culture technologies and as a result of water scarcity and soil low yields increasingly overexploited.

Latest News

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